Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perfectly Golden Tofu

For the longest time, the proper way to cook tofu eluded me. Every method I tried never seemed to work; it was either not cooked enough, too dry, not flavorful or just a complete disaster. Then finally, one day I figured it out! This recipe has worked quite well for me, so hopefully it will help you if you've been trying to tackle the art of cooking tofu too!

Perfectly Golden Tofu

1 120z package of Extra Firm Tofu (I use House)
Your choice of seasoning (I used Adobo for this recipe but if you want something simple, you can also use just salt & pepper as well)
1 tbsp Garlic
1 tbsp Soy Sauce

1. Squeeze the water out of the tofu. Pat dry and then cube.
1. Pour a thin layer of oil into a skillet and spread tofu in the pan in a single layer.
2. Sprinkle seasoning (of your choice) lightly over the top of the tofu cubes and then cover and cook on medium heat for about 8 minutes (or until golden brown)
3. Flip the cubes over to cook the other side. Cover and cook for about another 5 minutes (or until that side is also golden brown)
4. Add about 1 tbsp of garlic and 1 tbsp of soy sauce and stir around to mix a bit and then cook for an additional minute.
5. Remove from heat and place tofu in a bowl (or plate) on a paper towel (or paper bag) to absorb any excess oil. Serve and enjoy!

You can also use the same basic recipe to make tofu steaks. Instead of cubing, just the block of tofu in half twice.

To give the tofu a more meaty texture, freeze tofu in the package and then defrost it a few hours before you're ready to use it. Be sure to remember to squeeze the water out of it before you cook it.

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